roqa for restaurants

Use the power of the word-of-mouth!

Turn customers into advertisers

Roqa helps you reach out to new customers through your own customers.
Your customers earn money every time they rate your food,
and earn even more when their friends eat at your place.



of people read local reviews

to decide if a business is good or not. Your existing customer base is your biggest marketing asset.


of consumers trust recommendations from friends

and family above all other forms of advertising. Download Roqa, tap this valuable word-of-mouth marketing for your business.


of satisfied customers are willing to refer

a product or service but because of the lack of incentives, only 29% actually do. So, stop hoping that people will tell their friends about you. Encourage them to refer.


Use the power of the word-of-mouth

People trust recommendations from friends and family above anything else. Word-of-mouth is much more organic than any other types of marketing.

Drive continuous traffic to your business


Every time your customers rate your food and share it with their friends on social media, they start a referral chain that drives continuous traffic to your business.


Real-time feedback from paying customers

On Roqa, your customers do not simply leave an overall rating to your restaurant, they review individual menu items they have tried

Tired of fake reviews? Not possible on Roqa

With our two-step authentication, all user reviews on Roqa are verified. No bogus reviews can hurt your business anymore. Not in here.